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Video is the work of Public Health Wales and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council & use is at  the courtesy of  Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council and Public Health Wales NHS Trust

adverse childhood experiences (aces)

What is ACES?
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the term used to describe traumatic experiences before age 18 years, which can lead to negative, lifelong emotional and physical outcomes.

Science tells us that Lifelong Health is shaped by early experiences.  We recognise that early trauma can have an adverse impact on a person’s life. The Brain Development Metaphors below are being used to boost our understanding of brain development.

As a team of Transformational, Resilience Holistic Mentors, who ourselves have our own brain story, we recognise, embrace and value these key principles to effect positive change.

Learn more about the Brain Story & Metaphors

Through ASÉ’s holistic mentoring programmes, we aim to ensure that Mentees recognise their own resilience and how to further develop in order to live happier and healthier lives.

Our knowledge and expertise enable us to work effectively with different sectors including, Education Services, Unemployment, Youth Offending, Social Services, Family Support, Local Authorities and a range of service provisions to support disadvantaged individuals and families at risk or experiencing adversity and/or trauma including:

Mental Health issues
Social exclusion
Education exclusion
Domestic Violence or other crimes
Alcohol/Substance Misuse
Anti-social and/or criminal behaviour
Worklessness/ Poverty/ Financial Challenges
Resilience Scale

Effective Holistic Mentoring Transforms Lives...

Through a range of holistic mentoring programmes, we empower individuals to develop their life skills, confidence and life aspirations.

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