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what we do

The ASÉ Team recognises Mentoring as a powerful tool.

We use an effective, holistic solution-focused approach, creating a safe space for our Mentees where they can talk and thrive, building confidence, self-esteem and resilience. 


We are focused on early intervention. We use a trauma informed approached to help reduce adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and get to the HEART of Mentees’ adversity and/or trauma that is creating a barrier to their progression or risk of the onset of mental health issues. 


We are committed to providing positive strategies, to address challenging or entrenched behaviours that could otherwise result in anti-social or criminal offending in later life.

We are dedicated to reducing the numbers of families facing worklessness and poverty.

Our Vision

For every child, young person and adult in the UK to thrive; feeling mentally and physically strong and able to achieve their full potential, confident in their ability to build a brighter future. To train Mentees to develop key skills to become effective Peer Mentors delivering mentoring that cascades within their family, friendship groups or at work in the wider community creating a “ ripple effect”

Our Mission

ASÉ CIC is committed to early intervention that supports disadvantaged children, young people and adults at risk, or experiencing difficulties, which effects their emotional, physical and social wellbeing.

Our Core Values Are To...

Re-energise, Re-engage & Replenish Core Community Values and Principles

Which Means:

We are passionate about championing early support that is transformative for children, young people and families. 


We are inclusive in our approach, which promotes embracing and valuing diversity to provide equal opportunities for all. 

We are people-centred actively listening to our Mentee’s aspirations and individual needs, while creating a unique experience that has been described by our Mentees as life changing.

We are solution-focused enabling our Mentees to firstly identify and take ownership of their strengths, equally areas to be developed to achieve their personal goals.

We value the importance of effective collaboration to promote working in partnership with other services to maximise our impact and embed sustainable changes

We are forward thinking always creatively looking at new ways of adapting and further developing our

programmes. We recognise that to be effective in our work, we ourselves must undertake a journey of growth and reflection whilst continuing to deliver best practice.

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