Background to The Parent Carers Champion Network Programme.

In November 2021, in response to The Mayor’s Office London Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) initiative, ASÉ was commissioned by Hammersmith and Fulham to develop a Parent/ Carer Network within the borough.


The programme has been designed to identify Parent/Carers in Hammersmith & Fulham who will become Parent/Carer Champions and support other Parents/Carers within the community.


Grassroots organisations such as ASÉ, was seen as an integral component in terms of building trust within the community to improve levels of confidence and engagement with key services. 

What's the aim of the ASÉ & Hammersmith & Fulham Parent & Carer Champion Programme Network?

The Parent/Carer Champion Network is a new free service in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The team of diverse Parent/Carer Champions are all volunteers who will engage an online platform to support parents and carers through signposting, sharing experiences and empowering parents/carers to connect with support services.


Parent/Carer Champions bring a wealth of diverse life experiences, personal challenges and most significantly, solutions which are invaluable within the community.

COVID-19 has brought us all to a place of reflection. This is an important time for us all to share our journeys, solutions and process for change.

Our Aim:

Parent/Carer Champions are identified, trained and supported to work within the community. The focus is to work with those who have children/adolescents aged (11 to 24 years) who may be at risk of or have experienced: 

  • Serious youth violence. 

  • Exploitation and/or grooming 

  • Parents/carers who need support navigating the education, criminal justice or social care system(s). 

  • Supporting Parents/ Carers within the community through personal challenges.

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Our Objectives:

The Parent/Carer Champion Network will provide support to Parents/Carers within the community in relation to a wide range of areas. There is a specific focus on:

  • Providing support in relation to interactions with the police to provide advice, support and guidance when parents/carers accompany their children and/or collect their child.

  • Working with the Somali community to further educate parents/carers on a range of issues and systems such as CSE, CCE and school exclusions.

 Who Are The Champions? 

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ASÉ is working in Partnership with

Mother and Child Welfare Organisation (MACWO) a Somali Mother & Child Group.


Together, we have trained

10 x Parent & Carer Champions from the community


Please contact:


Khadra, Hawa or Hashi

Tel: 020 8811 2504




Tel: 0208 058 0083



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The Parent Carer Champion Sessions

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