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celebrating community heroes: H&F parent/Carer champions receive 2024 civic honours award

May 2024 marked a significant celebration at the ILEC Conference Centre, as the Hammersmith and Fulham Parent/Carer Champions (PCCs) were honoured with the prestigious 2024 Civic Honours Award. This accolade, awarded in the category of 'Group Contributions to Building a Stronger, Safer, Kinder Borough' recognised their remarkable dedication and impact on the community.

The PCCs were celebrated alongside other outstanding community groups in H&F for their tireless efforts to foster a supportive and nurturing environment within the borough. Their work stands out for its profound commitment to assisting parents and carers facing various challenges, including housing issues, mental health concerns, education and youth crime.

ASÉ is privileged to collaborate with this dedicated team of parents and carers. Trained to offer vital support, the PCCs organise coffee mornings, providing a welcoming space where community members can find a friendly ear, receive advice and guidance, and access resources. Through these initiatives, the PCCs play a crucial role removing barriers and strengthening the fabric of our community.

Main Office: 0203 143 1017  

Twitter: @ASEmentoring

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