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FREEDOM PROGRAMME - domestic abuse & trauma sessions

ASÉ ~ i-MATTER : Empowering Women to Power Change

Session: Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Another Fantastic & Empowering Session.

A huge thank you to Nadia and Sarah our excellent Facilitators and to our Amazing and Inspirational Group.

Together we took a closer look at the Perpetrator 'The King of the Castle', discussed the signs of domestic abuse and options. This is a warm, inviting, confidential and safe space, where you can learn, feel empowered, feel supported, enjoy fun activities, have a nice cup of tea and tasty light refreshments.

A Massive Thank You to Josh, Christina & Westworks Team.

Team ASÉ.

Feel free to join our sessions or learn more: 020 3143 0209

When? Tuesdays 1:15pm - 3pm

Where? Terrace Cafe, Westworks building, White City Place, 195 Wood Lane W12

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