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Parent & Carers Fun in the park... A great success...

Parent/Carers Champions Network and ASÉ hosted a FREE Event Day in the park for Families, Parents and Carers at Ravenscourt Park on Sunday 15th August 2021 - What an Amazing Turnout with over 50 families attending plus new friends were made on the day. Fathers and Mothers visiting the Park and their families were invited to join us in a Day of Fun, Laughter, Games and importantly Friendship and Empowerment...

Parents/Carers were able to met Parent/Carer Champions and learned more about the excellent work that is being done within the community to support other Parents/Carers and families. Visit the Parent/Carer Champions webpage to learn more

A massive THANK YOU to All PCCS & their Families, Visitors and Team ASÉ for making this event such a Great Success!!!!

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