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Parents/Carers Coffee Morning/ Brunch on 15th Nov 2021 @12.30pm at Sands Ends Art Community Centre.

Do you live in South Fulham, Sullivan Court, Townmead, Sands End Area?

Please join us... Let's Talk... Parents and Carers are creating a warm, welcoming space for other local parents/carers who are worried about their children/young people's wellbeing in the Community to talk and be heard. Refreshments provided.

See List of upcoming dates on e-flyer Kick Off: Monday, 15th November and thereafter Tuesdays at 12.30pm.


Monthly Meeting on Tuesday 30th November 2021 facilitated by GVEU team.

As requested by the Coffee Morning/Brunch group, the team from the GVEU (Gangs Violence and Exploitation Unit) will be attending to do a Presentation.

Also attending will be representatives from Harrow Club & Shepherds Bush Housing available to tell you more about their services and offer advice/support.

More details to follow.

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